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COVID-19 Arrangements for Katoomba Public School Weeks 2 & 3, Term 3

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Attention:  Parents and Carers

Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times. As you are aware the current COVID-19 restrictions require us to continue at home learning for the next two weeks. We understand that this is an unsettling and difficult time for many people in our school community. There are no changes to the At Home Learning Procedures at KPS that we will be continuing to follow for at least the next two weeks (Monday 19 – Friday 30 July, inclusive).

Links to At Home Learning are on our website.


Attendance at School - From Monday 19th – Friday 30th July (inclusive)

Students are to remain at home and participate in at home learning unless their parents or carers are classed as essential workers or have been instructed to attend their place of work by their employer. If this is the case those students are able to attend school. Our schools will remain open for the students and families who need it, although parents/carers are encouraged to keep their children at home. We are moving to skeleton staff rosters, staff will be working from home on their ‘off site’ days.  We will continue to provide one unit of work for students, whether they are learning from home or in the classroom.

For those on site, all staff in all school settings will be required to wear masks. This is consistent with current requirements for masks to be worn in office and workplace settings. **Our students will not be required to wear a mask but teachers and any adults on site are required to wear them.

Entry and Exit from School for those students that need to attend from the 19th – 30th July they will follow the same plan as Week 1.  Please remember parent and carers are not permitted to enter the school grounds when picking up children and must remain outside the gates. It would be appreciated if only one parent or carer collect children at the end of the day.

Community on site

There will be no canteen or uniform shop for Week 2 & 3. We will provide further information regarding these services moving forward when we get clarification from Dept of Education.  

Parents/Carers picking up sick children will be permitted into the office area but must check in with QR code.

If it is an emergency and you need to attend the school please ensure that you wear a mask and check in with QR code before you enter the office. For any other reason call on 47821226 rather than coming in.

Sick students and staff

Advice for all schools

Students should not attend school if unwell, even with mild symptoms of COVID-19. Any person with any COVID-19 symptoms should be sent home and should not return to school until they have received a negative test result and are symptom-free.

Anyone who is unwell with COVID-19 symptoms is strongly encouraged to get tested and self-isolate until a negative result is received.

Please do not send your child/children if they are sick or have the slightest of symptoms. If a student does become ill at school the office staff will call and ask you to pick them up immediately. We appreciate your support if this happens.

At Home Learning for Week 2 & 3 Term 3

From Monday 19th July  to Friday 30th July all students will continue to be learning from home as per our at home learning procedures. Teachers have organised work so that students will only need to access a computer/laptop or phone to view the week’s plan. Students will be able to do the work in an exercise book or paper. This will hopefully eliminate the need for having students continually on a computer/laptop/phone during the 4 days. Links to At Home Learning are on our website.

Facebook, School Website and NSW Parent App

Please ensure that you continue to check our website and the social media platforms above for further information.

Once again, we appreciate your understanding and support during this difficult and challenging time.  Our staff are looking forward to seeing all of our students back at school once the present COVID restrictions are relaxed. Our priority is your wellbeing, your child’s and our staff so please don’t stress about your child/children’s ability to get through the work. We will get through this together.

If you have any questions, please contact the school via school email katoomba-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au or phone on 47821226 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Dept link for families: https://education.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/advice-for-families