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Letter from the Principal


Dear Parents and Carers,


I would like to acknowledge the amazing team effort of both staff and parents/carers, as we work together to teach our children. Between us all, we are teaching our students and keeping them learning. Thank you for the great support from you all for working with us during this pandemic. These are not normal circumstances, we are all learning as we go. As we all know, none of us signed up for this! However, it is our way of life at the moment and each of us are doing our very best. Let’s continue to be kind to each other and support one another for the benefit of our beautiful children.


Thank you to our staff as they keep up their preparations for programming learning from home as well as teaching face to face those children of essential workers. Our staff are preparing work, marking, reaching out to students and zooming.


Thank you to those parents who have provided feedback that you’d like more zoom time with their child’s class teacher, we are listening and value your feedback. Our KPS home learning platform is continually evolving as we take on feedback and attempt to meet the differing needs of our families. We understand that the use of the Zoom platform is useful for some families, however, it is not a requirement in public primary schools nor expected of teachers. We are all learning how to manage teaching this way, and also for many of us home schooling our own children at the same time five days a week. I assure you that the staff are considering different ways of ‘doing this’ every week.


Thank you for your support, patience and understanding. Please know, that like you all, we are doing our very best to manage the difficult life circumstances we are all enduring. Our main objective is to get through this time, return all students to school and to start living whatever the ‘new normal’ way of life at school will be!


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Thinking of you all..


Fiona Paine
Katoomba Public School
02 47821226
 I acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, both past, present and future for they hold the memories, traditions and dreams of Aboriginal Australia.