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About our school

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to Katoomba Public School.

Katoomba Public School is a dynamic learning community committed to providing a friendly, caring and inclusive learning environment that engages students who work to achieve their personal best in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation.

Katoomba Public School draws its students from one of the state's main tourist areas. It serves a diverse community and currently has 297 students enrolled. We have significant numbers of both Aboriginal students and multicultural students. There are five classes from K–2 and six classes from Years 3–6 as well as an MC(multi category) class which is a class for students with disabilities.

We are a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) school and instil our values of respect yourself, others and the environment at all times. Our Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) rewards are intertwined with our wellbeing system to ensure we are acknowledging the great efforts of all our students. The school is well resourced and has excellent facilities. The school is committed to improving the literacy and numeracy achievements of all students as well as developing stronger ties and involvement with the school community.

We welcome your further enquiry regarding our school. Please contact the school office.

Fiona Paine

Our school's drawing area in Katoomba is from the southern side of the Great Western Highway as far to the east as Wilson Street and Medlow Bath to the west. We have the luxury of sensibly planned buildings which suit the climate, an aesthetically pleasing physical environment and we are part of an expansive city within a national park. We aim to maximise opportunities for our students in all learning and provide experiences to complement the nature of our community. Student welfare is a constant focus with an awareness of the cultural, social and economic diversity of the children in our care.

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