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3/4N Visit Anita Villa Nursing Home

On Thursday 22nd November 3/4N went to Anita Villa, a nursing home. 3/4N went to the nursing home because in the nursing home there were some people they’ve been writing to.  They enjoyed writing to the people.

At Anita Villa they had to be careful because they didn’t know what to expect.  Some people might not talk, some might have disabilities and some might just be old.  Hearing this, 3/4N got a little nervous and some just felt excited.

On the day 3/4N went there were smiles on everyone’s faces.  When they went into Anita Villa 3/4N went looking for their pen-pals.  I went looking for Sandra, my pen-pal.  She didn’t talk much.

Once we had a chat with our pen-pals, we sang Guma Burria to the residents. After we sang they gave us hot chocolate, ice blocks and a billy cart.  They thanked us for writing to them. It was great!

by Freya Gregory