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Show us your best work

Making bread

Great job, everyone ... we are super proud of the work you're doing and of all the imaginative, creative ways that you're coming up with to have fun at home.


We love seeing the photos of work that you've completed and we can see how proud you are of all you have achieved. We are too. Please don't feel obliged, however, to send a photo in of every piece of work that you do (that's a lot of work for the adult in your life). 


Kindergarten are sending their teachers a photo of their favourite piece of work for the week. All students can send a photo of their Best Piece of Work for the Week via their Google Classroom. Alternatively, if you are unable to send in a photo, you can use the "Exit Ticket" option on your At Home Learning website or in Google Classroom to communicate with your teacher. And remember that you can have a catch up chat or pass the time of day with your teacher on Google Classroom too.


Keep up the great work, everyone, and remember to have lots of breaks too.